Killer Bee Stories



I was standing 20 feet from...

Steve of Phillips, Wisconsin:

I was standing 20 feet from a bee hive and had yet to start my lawn mower, I rolled the mower back away from the hive and just the noise/vibration of the wheels on the patio caused the hive to to FREAK OUT!!, I was stung standing 20 + Feet away!! NEVER EVER seen such aggressive Pissed off bees in my 48 yrs, Are there killer bees in Northern WI.??

KBG Answers:

The Killers are moving north! I know they have been found in Madison but this is the first that far north! Stay away from the darned things and call an exterminator. If you have any pics please send them to me!!!!! Documenting this is very important! By the way I grew up in Rice Lake! Let me know!!



Not sure if these things are Hornets or wasps...

Rob Knight of New York, NY

Hey love your show. Quick question, I have been encountering these things in the north east as of late, never seen this before. Not sure if these things are Hornets or wasps or what but they are absolutely huge!

I am not kidding some are almost two inches long and primarily dark in color with the equivilent wing span of their bodies at least.

Are these things mutating or evolving or something? I honest to God have never seen this man its crazy right here in New York City. Where incidentaly we have flying cockroaches.....blehh! What do you think they could bee?

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